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Solihull Mind is the local voluntary sector group for mental health in the borough of Solihull. We have been in existence for twenty years and provide a wide range of services.

Solihull Mind sees mental health as an essential part of the general health of the community.As a local mental health organisation we seek to improve the quality, quantity, and accessibility of services for people with emotional distress.

We do this by providing information about different forms of emotional distress, possible ways of preventing or managing them, where to look for help, and advice on legal and other rights; encouraging the involvement of Mind, other mental health groups, and particularly service users, in the planning and provision of services; and by providing quality, innovative local services which include one to one and group work, supported housing, as well as employment and recreational activities.

Aims and Philosophies

The overall aim of Solihull Mind is to promote the interests of, and provide support to, people with mental health problems.

Mind believes that people who have mental health problems have the same rights as any other person; that they should not be disadvantaged or subject to prejudice and should have the right to live an ordinary life in the community with the necessary support and care to ensure fulfilment and independence.
Mind also believe that people who use mental health services should be fully involved in the planning and delivery of those services.

Our policies and procedures are implemented to achive these aims and philosophies. Four of the most important policies can be viewed here:

Policy on Equal Opportunities

Policy on Confidentiality

Policy on Complaints

Policy on User Involvement

Commitment to quality

Solihull Mind has a commitment to quality working both within the organisation and alongside other agencies and are, in particular, fully committed to participating in our national body's Quality Management in Mind. In order to assess the definition of quality we work closely with service users within the organisation both as Trustees (89% of Committee members are service users), staff (91% have mental health problems) and directly with those using services.

A national voice

Solihull Mind is affiliated to Mind nationally and in addition to our own aims, philosophies and mission statement (see above) we fully support National Mind's mission statement etc. For details see http://www.mind.org.uk/About+Mind/Mind+Mission/keydocs

Mind campaigns and lobbies Parliament for changes in policy, improved services, and achieving equal rights. For details of Mind's current campaigns visit our national website at www.mind.org.uk .


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